Brandon and I have been a long time gone from this stage, and we thought we’d return to resurrect our forum by sharing some news:

We are engaged!

After three years’ worth of challenges and changes – personal, philosophical, professional, social and geographical – we have decided to tie the knot. Brandon and I are best friends and perfect complements. Plus, we both look good in the same cheap haircut. Suffice it to say, we are incredibly excited about this new development: a commitment to spend the rest of time together.

And, personally, I have never known anyone but Brandon to be so tolerant of my idiosyncrasies or so encouraging of my ambitions. Or, anyone who can create a remarkably perfect boule of bread dough in 10 seconds flat. I am a lucky individual.

As my mother said when I told her the news, “You two have a bright future.” Indeed we do, Mom, indeed we do.