So far I have been trying to be vigilantly neutral between my two favorite candidates in the primaries — Obama and Clinton — asserting my conviction that I would be perfectly in favor of either of them if they are to win the democratic nomination. But this morning, as I lay in bed listening to the news of Obama’s latest victories over Clinton on the radio, I felt crushed. And last week, over wine with some friends, the candidates came up and I got bit heated when discussing Clinton’s electability. It’s now apparent that all this time I have been shamelessly posing as a dual supporter while inwardly strongly rooting for Clinton. It’s a drag when you figure out what you want only at the moment you realize it’s gone – well, that statement’s a bit premature in this case, but Clinton’s no longer securely kicking butt all over the country. Anyway, I guess from now on – until the primaries are over, at least – I have to own up to my identity as a staunch supporter of Clinton. And meanwhile I’ll also be quietly practicing my Obama victory dance so as not to be disappointed if he is the eventual winner.

But honestly, in the end, I’ll be happy to vote for either one. It’s quite exhilarating to be excited about politics again and looking forward to the next presidential election.